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Christian Chat Room

Christian Chat Room: Assist each other on the Christian Walk A free Christian chat room is the most spirited online chat community pertaining to Christian beliefs and values. Christian singles can discuss a variety of topics concerning their lives and Christian faith. A free Christian chat room is not just about free chat but allows [...]

Online Dating for People With Disabilities

If you suffer from some sort of physical or mental disability, don’t worry there are places to find a match the online world. There are so many sites out there now that just about cater to anyone and if you look hard enough you can find a friend or even your soul mate. Most of [...]

Dating Outside of Cultural Boundaries

Ask any single people you know about how hard it is to meet members of the opposite sex and most of them will tell you “I don’t have the time!” For a lot of singles, the bar scene is not an option and outside of traditional meeting places or the neighbor lady who fancies herself [...]

7 Ways to Improve your Relationships

Will this be your “Year of the Relationship”? Here’s hoping! Whether it’s learning to love and accept yourself, meeting your soul mate, connecting with elders or reaching out to children, relationships are the measure of a life well spent. How do yours measure up? All in the family Relationship rules change as kids grow up [...]

Christian Dating Right or Wrong

Today more and more people are finding it hard to find a mate through the traditional methods. At one point Christian dating consisted of people going to bars and other social gatherings to meet people. They also met through friends. However, over time things have changed. With the increased use of the internet people have [...]