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Free Christian Dating Sites – 4 Signs Your Jerk Radar Should Go Off

Whether you’ve been using secular or Christian dating sites, you’re bound to encounter and date men that you’re attracted only to realize all too late that he’s a major jerk. That’s the bad news. The good news is that in many instances the signs of a jerk in disguise can be seen within the first few dates. That gives you plenty of time to cut things off before you get in too deep emotionally and before you get hurt.

The 7 Tips To Satisfaction And Intimacy In Your Healthy Marriage

Do you have a Healthy Marriage and desire amazing Intimacy to enhance things? God has supplied us with enough sexuality to make this happen. Since he is the creator of our sexuality and he ordains marriage as a unity between man and woman, He also intents for you to have this enjoyment and pleasure in your marriage. Genesis 2:24-25 gives a snapshot of the intentions God has for married couples in the department of Sexual Intimacy and Satisfaction. As He desires us to become one flesh, sharing our bodies with one another in marriage, this also pertains to an intimate unity. Adam and Eve were created and in their nakedness, had no shame. They were free to desire one another and express love as one flesh.

Free Christian Online Dating

Free Christian Online Dating: Take Encouragement from God Free online Christian dating is a fun, unique way to meet single Christians and make friends or find love. Whether you are looking for a like minded companion or are ready to start a serious love relationship this is the best place to start. Anyone who is [...]

Christian Dating Sites: Do They Work?

The answer to this question is yes? Christian dating sites are a service totally devoted to help single Christians find friendship or love with like minded Christians. Christian dating sites dedicate themselves in connecting you in a different way than having to rely on a social chance meeting. Like minded Christian individuals are finding success [...]

4 Step Plan To Marriage Restoration

The main key to Marriage Restoration starts with forgiveness. Although often times it can be difficult to forgive, it is essential to truly having success in both our marriages and our own individual lives. If your desire is to restore your marriage it is crucial to understand the power of forgiveness and how it greatly support Marriage Restoration. In order to achieve the greatest growth and success in your Marriage Restoration plan, you must follow a solid plan of action. Below are the 4 steps that will help you achieve this foundation.