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Our journey to finding successful friendships and partnerships within our faith has been rewarding, and interesting. We have learned as single Christians, God gives us opportunities to meet others in a relationship that is pleasing to Him. Through our modern world we are able to meet people not only in our area but nationwide. We must start the progression to relationship success by opening our minds and taking new routes. Christian dating services online allow us to explore at our leisure to choose future friends or partners and ensure you meet committed fellow Christians sharing your religious beliefs and life purpose. Starting with absolute honesty about our relationship needs and ideas and sharing values as well as compatibility has proven to avoid attracting people who really are not quite right for us as friends or potential partners. By narrowing down our Christian dating network we all already have something in common.

mrmanTry not to be skeptical about Christian dating online, choosing a suitable soul mate for us is difficult so we cannot afford to leave it to chance. Singles of Faith is a modern Christian singles site and is quite unique compared to other sites we have visited as they also offer a ‘life priorities portal’ for all U.S Christian singles. In addition to a Christian dating service Singles of Faith offer relationship skills building that prove to bring Christian singles closer together. Profiles of members are very detailed which we feel is really important as we can be sure to contact like minded people. Singles of Faith have a seven C’s guide to a successful Christian relationship which include: Christ, chemistry, compatibility, conflict resolution, catalyst for personal growth, common life purpose, and commitment giving a unique focus on relationship success.

As we all know Christian dating has a much deeper level to non religious dating, as Christianity covers lots of religions and beliefs it’s important to be matched to potential partners of our values and traditions. Another serious Christian dating website is eHarmony who pre-screen your matches through their 29 dimension scientific method ensuring compatibility and saving you hours of searching the personal adverts. On our first communication eHarmony gave us 5 multiple choice questions to help build a rapport to break the ice and also offered us anonymous communication until we became more confident. In our experience we have discovered as Christians we often jump into friendships or partnerships when we assume people who have the same beliefs as us are right for us. We want you to take into consideration core traits like emotional temperament, adaptability, curiosity, intellect and feelings about children. You can’t separate feelings of faith and feelings of love, more often than not our feelings towards our faith get tangled up with feelings of attraction towards someone, eventually causing conflict in the relationship.

beautiful hispanic business womanWe have learned as Christians when a partner or friend has questions, answer them as best you can but don’t argue with them or try to prove why they are wrong and you’re right. Share your faith and listen, pray and care together.

We believe one of the biggest mistakes we make as Christians is to tell our partners and friends about our beliefs without listening to their questions, their doubts or their ideas. That’s certainly not what Jesus did, and it’s not what we’re supposed to do. Try to be kind, forgiving, understanding, and be compassionate. Live together with honesty and moral integrity.

Christian dating doesn’t have to be a lonely experience ever again; thousands of Christians from all religious beliefs find true friendships and relationships though the internet. By finding new fellow Christians you are also spreading your faith and ideas into a modern Christian network. Our aim is to help you find happiness and peace in your life sooner rather than later, so let our experience guide you forward to relationship success.

Christian dating services online offer a safe and secure introduction to your journey in finding true Christian relationships and a potential lifelong partner.